VisiTrack allows you to register Visitors as they enter your building. You can print Barcoded Visitor Badges and track Clock In and Out times for your contractors and employees. VisiTrack will keep track of any required documentation the visitor should read and Print a “Who’s In” report, in case of an emergency.
You can connect a Barcode reader to VisiTrack allowing you easily Clock people In and Out
Employees can search for Employees on their Web Browser and see if they are in or out, see their photo and see who is visiting them, They can also enter visitors expected in the future.
You can even keep track of messages for employees and visitors where the receptionist will be alerted as the person enters or leaves.
VisiTrack is developed for both Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.


DocTrack was primarily developed to store and retrieve documents, but, in actual fact, you can use it to track basically anything you can stick a barcode on.
Employees can search and request items on the DocTrack documentation library using their Web browser.
DocTrack is developed for both Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms.


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TimeWatch was written for those of you who need to track your time, You can assign a project or client, time and rate to yourself. Then, at regular intervals, TimeWatch will ask what you are doing, if the project has changed or you’re taking a break, you simply change the details.
At the end of the Day, Week or Month, you can produce a report on your time management.
TimeWatch is developed for both Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms


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AnnoTape is the solution for recording, analysing & transcribing audio, video, image and text data for qualitative research, marketing, journalism and broadcast, or archiving.
AnnoTape turns your computer into a ‘virtual’ tape or video recorder:

  • Record video or sound files - interviews, conversations, broadcasts - direct to the hard disk of your computer…
  • Store up to one hundred hours of video, image, sound, together with text-based data, all in one integrated database
  • Analyse data by annotating & indexing the original media files
  • Effectively creating ‘snippets’ of virtual tape for a database of data
  • At the touch of a button, return to the exact moment in the tape you seek

Transcribe only those ‘snippets’ of sound you really need, using AnnoTape’s transcription environment.
AnnoTape is developed for both Windows and Apple Macintosh platforms and AnnoTape is FREE!